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Dual Handrail Cleaning System

Universal and Dolly System nest for compact, convenient transport and storage. System is a non-motorized, safe and simple system to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from moving handrails. Specially designed microfiber cleaning pads attached to molded pad holders clean the moving handrails from “bead to bead”. The Dolly System attaches to non-obstructed moving handrails and cleans without interrupting the operations, minimizing impact to foot traffic.

Handheld Cleaning System

Hand Held Cleaning System is a non-motorized tool specially designed to effortlessly remove dirt, grime and bacteria from stationary handrails.

The flexible “ball joint” allows for easy maneuvering to ensure best cleaning results. Small, compact and fits easily on any janitorial cart.

Utilizes the same supplies and technology as our other products for easy, efficient cleaning of stationary handrails.

TH0054 Super Concentrated Maintenance Cleaner Conditioner

Super Concentrated Maintenance Cleaner Conditioner for regular use.

  • 1 Gallon Bottle
  • Dilute with water. “Makes 13 Gallons of Ready to Use Cleaner”
  • For Ongoing Maintenance
  • With regular use, it cleans, conditions and maintains elasticity of rubber and vinyl escalator handrails

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