TH0001 Universal Handrail Cleaning System

Rotates to accommodate all escalator handrails, including those next to walls or other obstacles. Provides space to carry Dolly System and supplies for convenience and efficiency. Universal Handrail Cleaning System is a non-motorized, safe and simple system to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from moving handrails. Specially designed microfiber cleaning pads attached to molded pad holders clean the moving handrails from “bead to bead”. This system rotates to accommodate all moving handrails, including those next to walls or other obstructions. Cleans without interrupting the moving operations, minimizing impact to foot traffic.


  • Prevents the spread of germs & bacteria
  • Extends the life of moving handrails
  • Allows staff to perform other duties while Thomsen’s cleans the rails. Lower Labor Costs!
  • No downtime=Happier Customers! Cleans while moving rails are in use


  • Pad-Holder Frame
  • Universal Handrail Cleaning Cart
  • 1 1.5gal Microfiber Charging Bucket
  • 2 Foam Pad Holders
  • 24 Microfiber Pads


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Michael Ogera- VP and International Sales
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