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Thomsen’s history as an escalator specialist began in 1970 installing Westinghouse French Modular escalators at the Seattle Tacoma International  Airport . 1976  – 1992 Montgomery Escalator and Elevator repair.  1992 – 2002 Montgomery and then Kone Elevators’ US traveling escalator specialist.  2002 – 2012, KONE Elevators Pacific Northwest Regional Service Operations Manager. After retirement in 2012, began the development of Thomsen’s Escalator Handrail Cleaning System.

Who We Are

Thomsen’s Escalator Handrail Cleaning System is the result of 45 years of specialization in escalator installation, repair and maintenance.

Thomsen’s Handrail Cleaning System follows the escalator manufacturers guideline to clean and maintain escalator handrails.

Thomsen’s handrail cleaner conditioner is applied while the escalator is running and dries in minutes before entering the handrail return roller and guidance system. Thomsen’s Cleaner Conditioner for regular handrail maintenance,  leaves a shiny,  clean, bacteria free handrail for the end user to hold onto for safety.

Thomsen’s Chemicals have been approved by the EU REACH Compliance Standard and deemed safe for the worker, environment and end user to safely clean and condition Rubber & Vinyl handrails.  Thomsen’s Handrail Cleaner Conditioner complies with the manufacturer’s recommendation to clean handrails weekly and is safe for daily use.

Thomsen’s handrail cleaning pads are designed to clean the entire face of the handrail which includes  capturing the black dust that falls from the handrail canvas at the newel ends of the escalator.

The cleaning pad holder and microfiber cleaning pads are designed to not overcome the friction drive of the handrail system which would cause the escalator to shut down.

Escalator handrail maintenance cleaning time can be reduced to 5 minutes each application to both handrails at once using Thomsen’s Dual Handrail Cleaning System. TH0007.

Delta Pyramax - Hong Kong

“Our ATP count is a very clean 12 – but after Thomsen’s we got it to 0. Yes, zero bacteria count!”

AdRail - USA

“We love our handrail cleaner! We installed one last week at Mandalay Bay using your brilliant invention.”

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