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The World’s Only Escalator Handrail Cleaning System

Think Hygiene 

Our patented handrail cleaning system has been shown to increase the life of rubber handrails by safely removing 99.94% of deteriorating bacteria, dirt and grime that breaks down the rubber faster.  Removes dirt and bacteria on handrail and uses less than half the man hours cleaning.


We depend on handrails for balance and safety, but they have been shown to harbor high loads of pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Regular handrail cleaning prevents buildup of dirt and grime, and helps reduce disease transmission. Our microfiber cleaning pads have been proven to remove 99.94 % of bacteria without cross contamination.


Universal Handrail Cleaning System

Prevents the spread of germs & bacteria

Extends the life of moving handrails

Allows staff to perform other duties while Thomsen’s cleans the rails. Lower Labor Costs!

No downtime=Happier Customers! Cleans while moving rails are in use

Easy to Use

With very little training, anyone can expertly clean and condition the dirtiest escalator handrails. No cords to plug in or batteries to charge. Rugged construction. Easy to move and store.

Minimal Impact on Operations

Hands-off operation means staff can get more done in less time.

Thomsen’s Handrail Cleaning Systems can go to work without shutting down escalators, minimizing impact on facilities and vthe public.

Protects Equipment Investment

Thomsen’s non-toxic, biodegradable solutions are specially formulated to safely clean and condition rubber escalator hand rails. 

Regular cleaning and conditioning extends handrail life-cycle, reduces mechanical wear and tear, and helps prevent costly shutdowns.

The System

Dual Handrail Cleaning System

Universal and Dolly System nest for compact, convenient transport and storage. System is a non-motorized, safe and simple system to remove dirt, grime and bacteria from moving handrails. Specially designed microfiber cleaning pads attached to molded pad holders clean the moving handrails from “bead to bead”. The Dolly System attaches to non-obstructed moving handrails and cleans without interrupting the operations, minimizing impact to foot traffic.


"Our ATP count is a very clean 12 - but after Thomsen’s we got it to 0. Yes, zero bacteria count!”

Delta Pyramax - Hong Kong

"We love our handrail cleaner! We installed one last week at Mandalay Bay using your brilliant invention.”

AdRail - USA

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Think Hygiene 

Add years of life to your handrails!

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